The Brooklake Couples Suites are designed for pampering

Bridesmaids in blue pajamas sitting on a couch at one of the best outdoor wedding venues in NJ.

When choosing a New Jersey wedding venue, it’s important to imagine the flow of your entire day. At Brooklake, your day begins in the Couple Suite. The Couples Suite is a space where the bride and groom can each (as much as possible) relax, where the bride can prepare her hair and makeup, and each can toast the day with closest family and friends. There can be music, laughter, and perhaps tears of joy. Share first look moments with your parents which are oftentimes just as emotional as the first look with your fiancé!

The Brooklake Couples Suite is spacious and perfect for pre-wedding photos. It’s relaxing, pretty and equipped with all the amenities you need to prepare in comfort. The bride is not the only one preparing stylishly. The groom also deserves to be spoiled, and Brooklake offers first-class accommodation for the groom, groom attendant, family and friends.

A living room with couches and a coffee table, ideal for intimate gatherings or events.

Natural lighting

The Brooklake Dressing Suite is well lit with natural light. Your photographer will be pleased, as will your makeup artist. Natural light means light coming from a window. Natural light makes your “getting ready shots” so much prettier! Our window light makes the details of photos look bright, sparkly, and match the tone and lighting of your wedding day. Natural light is the best lighting for applying makeup too. It shows what your makeup will truly look like to everyone around you.


Makeup mirrors and floor-length mirrors are essential. You will want to be able to see your wedding dress from front to back and head to toe before you make your big debut.

A bride posing with her wedding dress in a elegant hotel room at one of the top-notch New Jersey wedding venues.

Clothes hangers

Once in the bridal suite, the first challenge is to dress in the open area. You need a hook that allows you to hang your dress freely without hitting the floor.

Comfortable Seating

You can’t relax without comfortable seating. The colors of our furnishings are an elegant backdrop for your photos. Preparing for this day, your thoughts have no doubt been on your ceremony and reception. You’ll find the fun starts here, in this room. Look at the photos – what fun!

Light meals and drinks

Light and healthy snacks such as small sandwiches, vegetarian spreads, granola bars and chips allow everyone to eat something before the ceremony. And of course, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Don’t forget the importance of keeping hydrated on your wedding day. Drink plenty of water or sparkling water. Water is best because it doesn’t stain.

A group of bridesmaids toasting with champagne glasses at beautiful outdoor wedding venue in New Jersey.

Your Brooklake Bridal Attendant

This person, also known as the Bridal Assistant or Lady in Waiting, will be your manager, from managing events in the room to making sure your needs are taken into account before saying ‘I do’,”

Check out the raves our Brooklake Bridal Assistants and the rest of our professional staff have received on WeddingWire. Here are a few:

“Our bridal attendant, Edith, was a superhero! She stayed with us every second. From the early morning preparations through the end of the night, Edith made sure that we had anything we could want. Bea, our parents’ attendant, was beyond accommodating and took care of both sets of parents throughout the entire reception. Peter, the director of catering, took care of every detail of the night with precision. Our guests could not say enough about how wonderful every part of the reception was – from the decor, to the food, to the staff – everything was phenomenal!”

“My bridal attendant Adrianna was also wonderful. She made sure I was fed & had a drink at all times and was by my side for whatever I may have needed.”

“About halfway through the cocktail hour I had an entire glass of red wine spilt on me. Edith (my bridal attendant) rushed me downstairs before I even had a minute to process what was happening and started to try everything to get the stain out. She scrubbed and scrubbed and helped change the bustle to ensure it was virtually unseen for the rest of the night. While in the room a bunch of staff members came down to see if I needed anything even the chef! They were so amazing and even in that moment I felt so calm. I would highly recommend Brooklake to anyone. It was truly the wedding of my dreams.”

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Bring bathrobes!

It is advisable to prepare you and your bridal party in bathrobes. That way, you can eat and style without worrying about stains on your clothes. Be sure to buy a front body or a robe with a zipper. If you pull your head, you risk messing up your hair and makeup. Matching robes make for delightful photos when everyone is fresh and excited for the day to come.

Bring a steamer

Skip the iron and use a steamer. This allows you to remove unwanted wrinkles from your wedding dress without the risk of burns.

Pack some incidentals

Bring a hairspray, bobby pins, a sewing kit, safety pins, a Tide pen, deodorant, first aid, and breath mints.

brooklake groom getting ready

Why is the Couples Suite important?

What do guests remember most about the big day event? Along with all the excitement of the day, intimate moments will leave profound memories. The Couple’s Suite makes a lovely backdrop for your pre-ceremony photos. How long do you really want to travel from the hotel to the salon to the venue on this magical day? What about members of your wedding party who travel from outside Northern New Jersey? It’s better to prepare in a relaxing way. All these details prove how important a Couple’s Suite is.

The Brooklake Couple Suite is stylish and comfortable. Spoil yourself and the people who are most important to you. Book a tour to see all that sets Brooklake in Florham Park, New Jersey apart from all other Northern New Jersey venues.

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By Published On: December 20th, 2021