Brooklake, the perfect NJ Venue for 1st Communion

Brooklake Communion

First Communion in Norther New Jersey: Choose Brooklake.

Looking for a Northern New Jersey venue to host a first Communion? Receiving the sacrament of the Eucharist is a momentous event in a young Christian’s life, marking one of the first steps he or she takes in individual faith formation. Commemorate this sacred occasion with a lovely celebration with extended family and friends at Brooklake in Florham Park NJ.

Planning for your first Communion celebration.

Don’t start planning until you confirm the date of the ceremony. Some churches have one date on which they administer to all candidates at a special mass. Others may stagger the ceremonies over the course of several dates and may intertwine their Eucharist ceremonies with the regular mass schedule. Either way, you should confirm the date months in advance so you have ample time to schedule your communion party at Brooklake.

BL Communion dance

Reserve your first Communion date quickly.

Once you know the date of the ceremony, do not delay your call to Brooklake. Not only will you be competing for dates with other Northern New Jersey parents whose children will also be celebrating their first Communion, but also you may be going up against those planning April or May weddings or graduation parties.

Pro-tip: If you’re starting your planning late for a Saturday Communion (which tends to be the majority), why not host your party on the Sunday, the following day? It may make it easier to find availability.

Consider the timing.

Most often, the Communion reception takes place shortly after the ceremony at church. This means guests will go directly from the church to the party. The professionals at Brooklake will ensure that everything is ready and picture perfect for your event. All you will need to do is arrive and delight in your day.

Brooklake Communion Cakes

Plan the entertainment

The key, when it comes to booking entertainment, is making sure that it’s appropriate for the age group. Your Brooklake planner will help you with lots of suggestions, form music to themes. How about a magic show? Magic shows are great because they appeal to a broad age group. There are three main options to choose from:

A kid’s show. This is a show that generally lasts around 45 minutes or an hour and is designed to entertain the children. They’re guaranteed to love it.

A family show. This is a show that lasts 45 minutes or more. It’s designed to entertain the kids and the parents alike. This is ideal if you want the adults to be entertained too and you don’t want to separate the kids.

Walk around magic. This is an informal format where the magician will walk among your guests, performing for small groups at a time.

Whatever the theme of your first Communion celebration, the newly renovated Brooklake in Florham Park is the perfect venue for families who are looking for an elegant & private space.

Host your child’s Communion day at Brooklake.

Receive the finest service and experience for your child’s first Communion. The dazzling ballroom features an oversized dance floor so you and your guests can dance the day in joyful celebration. With large floor-to-ceiling windows, you can take in the surrounding beauty of the gardens and grounds. The gazebo and outdoor patio are ideal for your spring communion with breathtaking views and a scenic backdrop of the lake. All generations will enjoy the delectable in-house catering when celebrating milestone events.

Your Brooklake event professionals are part of a team of dedicated people who will assist you every step of the way. Contact a Brooklake event specialist.

By Published On: July 8th, 2021