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  • Navy wedding invitations adorned with elegant flowers and delicate pearls, perfect for couples celebrating their special day in charming New Jersey venues. These exquisite invitations capture the essence of a romantic Florham Park wedding, offering

Inspiration for your wedding invitation ensemble

We’ve collected some wedding invitation tips and photos of invitations our couples have used for their event at Brooklake. Maybe you’ll see something here to inspire the look and feel of your wedding invitation.

  • A couple gracefully dancing at one of the outdoor wedding venues in NJ for their wedding reception

Some important things to tell your Brooklake wedding DJ

Having hosted countless weddings here at Brooklake, we highly encourage meeting your wedding DJ in advance of your big day. You’ll be amazed at how a great discussion can result in a musical atmosphere tailored to you.

  • Close up of the Just Married sign tied onto the trunk of a red car at Brooklake Events in NJ

38 Ways to Personalize Your Brooklake Wedding

You’re engaged! There can be a lot of excitement and creativity when planning and personalizing your northern New Jersey wedding to reflect your character, shared interests and lifestyle.

  • Bridesmaids in blue pajamas sitting on a couch at one of the best outdoor wedding venues in NJ.

The Brooklake Couples Suites are designed for pampering

At Brooklake, your day begins in the Couple Suite. The Couples Suite is a space where the bride and groom can each (as much as possible) relax, where the bride can prepare her hair and makeup, and each can toast the day with closest family and friends.

  • autumn wedding couple at brooklake events in Florham Park, NJ

19 tips for choosing your Brooklake outdoor wedding

How do you find the right New Jersey outdoor wedding venue for you? Take a look at some of our tips to make sure you find your perfect venue so your outdoor wedding will flow beautifully and effortlessly.

  • Brooklake baby shower

Baby Showers at Brooklake in Morris County

New beginnings deserve a special shared event with family and friends. The Events Team at Brooklake will attend to every detail of these special occasions to make them unique, exciting and carefree.

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